Vendor's Guide

Creating A Great Listing

Listing you golf clubs and gear for sale on The 3 Iron is fast and easy.  But simply adding a listing doesn't ensure that your item will sell. It's important to try and make your listing stand out. Without a doubt, great listings sell faster than listings created with little thought.

So what makes a listing great? Here are a few tips that will help your listing stand out, and hopefully attract potential buyers.

1. Set A Reasonable Price

Listings that are well priced tend to move quickly. It doesn't matter if its a old Ping B60 putter or a 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver, if it's priced well and in good condition, it will most likely sell. But that gets me to one of the issues we are trying to address. PRICING.
It is probably not what worth what you think it is. But it's definitely worth more than trade-in value, which is what you will get at your local pro shop.

2. Take Great Pics
  • Take your photos in a well-lit area, avoiding shadows when possible.
  • Place the item on a solid color background to bring focus on the item. It can be hardwoods, carpet, single color sheet, etc.
  • Make sure you take a photo of the club face(s).  The odds of you selling your clubs without a photo of the face(s) are super low.
  • Highlight any defects...skymarks, chipped paint, bag tears, etc. Be honest with buyers and accurately represent what you are selling. It will be appreciated and will avoid problem sales.
  • Do not upload stock images you download online. The listing will be disabled if so. 
3. Use The Product/Model Name As Listing Name

It's important to use the Product/Model name as the listing name for your listing in order to help potential buyers find your listing on Google and other search engines.

4. Write A Thorough Description

Write a thorough and accurate description of your listing. Provide as much detail as possible to preemptively answer any questions potential buyers might have. How long have you had the item? Are you the only owner? What makes it unique? (ie include the shaft details on club listings). If you are selling irons, note if they have standard loft and lie. Incorporating bullets will let you provide lots of great detail without having to worry so much about the wording.

5. Be Responsive to Buyer Questions

We see many potential buyer questions go unanswered on the site, or there is a delay in them being answered. The 3 Iron sends you an email every time a potential buyer asks you a question. It includes the question and prompts you to respond to the buyer from your account. Buyers like this immediate response as it makes them a bit more comfortable knowing you are actively trying to sell the listing.

6. Share On Social Media

We provide social sharing links on the listing page for you to share your listing on Facebook and Instagram. Take advantage of them.  The more eyeballs that see it, the better.