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One of the most important clubs in your bag, yet one of the most neglected, putters can transform your game.

Putter Design

There were traditionally three main types of putter head design:


Very simple, this type of putter tends not to be very forgiving if hit from the middle of the surface. (Classic Scotty Cameron)


Similar to the blade but much easier to hit. (Ping modern-day B60)


Heavier than the others, this option offers lots of designs that help you align the ball up more accurately. (Yes! C-Groove Olivia)

Here you will find some of our putters for sale:

Ping Putter G2 My Day

Original price was: €100,00.Current price is: €85,00.

Putter Shaft Design

Many putters nowadays have an off-set shaft. An offset head serves two functions, to help get your eyes over the ball and see it more easily but more importantly, to ensure your hands ahead of the ball at impact, a key feature of ensuring the clubhead hits the ball squarely.

Putter Length

The typical putter length is 35″, but anything from 33″ to 35″ is used.

Belly Putter

Belly putters are typically 41”-45” long.

Chest Putter

Chest or ‘long’ putters are even longer, and rest on the chest. Long putters are typically 45”-50” in length. Long putters are good for people with back problems (no crouching low over the ball) however, gauging distance, tends to be more difficult with a long putter.

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