Vendor's Guide

Condition Rating


Brand new in wrapper

Brand new clubs that has never been hit and it will still have the wrapper on it. 

New, not in wrapper

Never been hit, but not in the wrapper.They are normally a display model with the plastic wrapping removed. There will be no marks on the club.


As New

These clubs are in very good condition and used for 2-3 rounds at most. Only the lightest of usage marks can be seen. If there are any strike marks at all on the head, they will be barely visible and on the face.


Clubs have absolutely no damage, and only minimal marks to the top line, if any at all. Any marks are purely cosmetic and won’t affect your game.

You’ll probably spot play marks on the face and sole, but it’s a club that’s been well looked after and has plenty of years’ life left in it.

Steel shafts might have minimal marking and slight cosmetic damage, but absolutely no rust, and graphite shafts may show light scratching and wear to the graphics, but there’ll be no sign of bag rub.

Grips will always be in good condition with no wear marks.


Clubs are in perfectly usable order but not quite deserving of a "good" rating.

You’ll spot the odd mark on the topline, head and crown but there’ll be plenty of life left in it.

Likewise, the shaft will be in good order but with signs of some cosmetic wear. Steel shafts might have minor marks or rust spots and graphite shafts could have a touch of bag wear.

The grip will be in good usable order, but there’ll be a few signs of wear and could have lost some tackiness, but they’re easy enough to replace. 

Poor - we do not accept it

Club head and faces with the following flaws will not be accepted:

Dents or depressions, large sky marks or areas of scratching, excessive wear to the face, missing ferrules or plugs, chipped paintwork, discolouration, re-sprayed crown, and any cracks or splits.

Shafts with the following flaws will not be accepted:

Shaft wear over an area of greater than one inch, splits in shafts, any rattles, poor re-shafts, glue on head/hosel, and burnt hosels or poorly fitting ferrules.

Grips will be in a poor state either caused by splits, wear marks or are shiny in appearance. They will need replacing.